TMC provides technical support on a range of Legacy products including:


Allen-Bradley SLC500


Allen-Bradley PLC5


Bently Nevada 7200


Bently Nevada 3300


Entek XM Intelligent I/O Modules


ICS Triplex Regent


ICS Triplex Trusted


ICS Triplex/Micon S32 (Compressor Controller)


ICS Triplex T6100 (Compressor Controller)


ICS Triplex T6200 (Compressor Controller)


ICS Triplex T6050/T6051 SurgeGard


Rustronic MkII (Gas Turbine Controller)


Rustronic 2000 (Gas Turbine Controller)


Tri-Sen Modulus (Steam Turbine Controller)


Tri-Sen TS110 (Steam Turbine Governor)


Tri-Sen/TRICONEX TS160 (Compressor Controller)


Tri-Sen/TRICONEX TS310 (Steam Turbine Governor)


Tri-Sen/TRICONEX 320 (Steam Turbine Governor)


Tri-Sen TS410 (Steam Turbine Governor)


Tri-Sen TS1500 (Steam Turbine Controller)




This support includes:


Trouble Shooting


Spares (where available)


Retrofit Upgrades







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